Kathleen Mason is a Syracuse native, born and raised in Eastwood. Pursuing her love of music, . Her years of work in the Emergency Department have honed her skills in crisis avoidance and response, resource management, and strategic planning. This skill set applies whether she is in the Emergency Room, behind the scenes, or promoting an event; Kathleen knows people and how to help them work together to create a memorable experience!  

Her first two loves, for her city and her music, stayed with her throughout her journeys. KMase is born of these loves. Knowing Syracuse and its venues intimately, she hopes to bring music of all genres to settings large and small!  

KMase’s “charitable edge” is near and dear to Kathleen’s heart. Growing up with her brother, Joe, who lived with Down Syndrome, first led her to put her talents to use fundraising for ARC of Onondaga, an organization that serves people with developmental disabilities and their families. The great success of that venture has inspired KMase’s mission to help any charitable venture fundraise with music!  

If you are a band or booking agent interested in bringing performance to the Salt City or an organization looking to fundraise creatively, contact KMase today!  

Kathleen Mason is also an associate member of The Recording Academy’s New York Chapter.


Music and design go hand in hand, especially for Bea Talplacido. A true all around artist, Bea has a large presence at KMASE Productions as not only the backbone of our creative department, but also, a musician on our roster. Her experience in both the music and design worlds make her an integral part of our team. Bea's designs for artists including The Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber have graced merch tables and stores nationwide. 

Bea is a mother, a touring musician, small business owner, and our very own Jane-of-all-things-creative. Her ideas and passion for creating are placed with purpose in every project we do.